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Bima Account

KenIndia Assurance Company Ltd’s “Bima Account Plan” is a risk cum return plan which is simple and easy to understand. It is a combination of Life Cover along with an opportunity of earning a good return on the amount invested.It is meant for customers who have an appetite to invest, want financial protection as well as create an estate for the future.

Any person between the ages of 18 years to 60 years can avail this cover. The maximum maturity age should not exceed 70 years.

The policyholder has an option to choose the targeted amount which can be paid either as a single premium (deposit) or on 5 equal annual installments. The minimum targeted amount is Kshs.100,000/- payable under 5 yearly mode installments of Kshs.20,000/- each or a single payment of Kshs.100,000/-.

Yes one is allowed to top up premiums in multiples of KES. 10,000 any time during the policy term, without necessarily taking a new policy whether it is a yearly mode or single deposit.

Under this plan, the premium paid by you, after deduction of charges, will be credited to the Policyholders’ Account maintained separately for each policyholder. The risk cover will be provided by deduction of premium charges from the policyholders’ account. The yearly and single installment premiums are prudently invested in various stable instruments which attracta higher return.

The growth on fund value of each year is declared once a year and compounded annually. Our latest declared return on investment (2022 was 11%); however the rate declared will vary according to the experience of the company from year to year.

The available terms are 10, 15 or 20 years.

The life cover would be 3 times of Single instalment, 15 times of annual instalment for ages between 18-60 years or 1.25 times of Single Installment, 6.25 times for annual instalment for ages between 61-70 years respectively subject to maximum risk cover of KSh.500, 000 per policy. The aggregate limit of risk cover on a single life under all of his/her policies on this plan as per the above formula would be KSh.1, 000,000. However, in case of multiple polices issued after exhausting the risk cover of KSh.1,000,000 each policy thereafter will have a maximum risk cover of KSh.100,000 subject to the overall limit of risk cover of KSh.10,000,000 under all polices secured on this plan.

Premiums will be deducted from the accumulated fund at every policy anniversary @ KES 4/1000 of the Sum Assured for ages 18-40 , KES 6/1000 of the Sum Assured for ages 41-60 or KES 40/1000 OF Sum Assured for ages 61-70.

In case of death of the policyholder during the policy term the full sum assured plus the balance fund value will be paid to the beneficiary / nominee.

Yes one is eligible for a loan (after two years)of up to 80% of the accumulated amount at a rate of 3% more than the last declared rate.

As in any life insurance premature, withdrawal is not advised. However, withdrawal is allowed on completion two (2) policy years after appropriation of expenses and risk cover premium.