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Friday, April 26, 2019

Anticipated Whole Life

We have combined the benefits of the whole life and anticipated endowment plans to create the unique “ANTICIPATED WHOLE LIFE PLAN”. This is another plan with the benefits of Money Back installments and a maturity value, but beyond the premium paying term this policy yields the benefits of a whole life plan too. Thus this is one of the most attractive plans of Kenindia, combining the benefits of a whole life plan with a money back type of plan. It can be taken out for premium paying terms of 9,12,15,20 and 25. The following are the benefits, payable as a percentage of the sum assured during the premium paying term of the policy apart from the cover for the full sum assured for life thereafter. It may be also noted that the bonus too accumulates for the rest of the lifetime of the policyholder from the date of maturity.

Term 1st Installment 2nd Installment 3rd Installment 4th Installment 5th Installment
9 3rd year 25% 6th year 25% 9th year 50%     & Bonus
12 4th year 25% 8th year 25% 12th year 50%     & Bonus
15 5th year 25% 10th year 25% 15th year 50%     & Bonus
20 5th year 20% 10th year 20% 15th year 20% 20th year 40%   & Bonus
25 5th year 15% 10th year 15% 15th year 15% 20th year 15% 25th year 40% & Bonus


Riders allowed are Double Accident Benefit and Critical Illness Cover, both limited to the premium paying term.

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